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/ Why Learning Robotics is Critical for Students

Why Learning Robotics is Critical for Students

India’s rapid technological development is at the pinnacle of its economic and social development. Therefore, introducing students to technology at an early age improves their technological fluency and prepares them for a future-ready Indian workforce.

The students’ creative horizons are broadened by technology introduction which provides real problem-solving skills and enhance out-of-the-box thinking. Therefore, advances like artificial intelligence, STEM education, machine learning, etc., can enhance their decision-making ability and empower them to take independent decisions.

In the field of education, robotics has gained prominence due to its ability to promote a student’s holistic development. Students are provided with a comprehensive empowerment program focusing on developing and applying core life skills and allowing them the opportunity to prove themselves in a world full of competition and excellence.

How do you define robot and robotics

A robot is a machine or device that is well-programmed and can perform specific tasks based on inputs or commands. While some robots are designed for science purpose, some are designed to do things which human beings can’t do.

Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science and engineering which involves design, construction, operation and use of robots.

Over the years, automation & robotics has made life and learning a lot more seamless, efficient and productive. From household to organizational & industrial applications, robotics has changed the way humans are evolving. The use of robotics in daily life has evolved over a period of time. And, with rapid technological advances and the rise of metaverse, learning robotics programme is now a critical need for students, worldwide.

A number of sectors, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and entertainment, have embraced robotics in India. It is therefore critical to expose students to robots at a young age as it can expand their horizons and prepare them for future. Robotics in India is a wave of automation and liberalization. The learning

of STEM subjects, concepts, and their application in the real world may provide a strong foundation for the student’s future education.

Benefits of Robotics

Besides being seamless, cost effective, and time saving, robotics can be applied in tough and challenging environments which would be very difficult for humans to deal with. They also provide quality and consistency besides being very accurate and do not get affected by climatic factors.

In addition to helping young students develop cognitive skills and mathematical thinking, learning robotics give them skills that they can implement to other areas of their education.

There is a whole world of benefits of robotics. Some of them are listed below:

Learning robotics & its benefits

Unlike the generations before them, the current generation is more technologically advanced and agile, which makes learning and dealing with robots and artificial intelligence a much more smoother task. The uses of robotics in daily life are multifold –from education, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing industrial applications, entertainment, households, safety defence and much more.

While domestic robots have been deployed to do all household chores, they are also being deployed for security and surveillance purposes.

Apart from this, learning robotics help in encouraging innovation and critical thinking, facilitates problem solving technique, enhances leadership skills, develops student’s writing, oral expression skill and fine motor skills among others.

It will be enjoyable for children to learn how to make machines perform the movements or actions they desire while developing their mathematical, logical, and reading skills, among other abilities.

On the educational front, robots and simulators are a blessing for autistic students as robots can be programmed to make learning and absorbing knowledge easier for them. For other students, adding simulators and customizing experience for individual students can go a long way in making education more interesting, fun and exciting. This was seen during the pandemic as robotics and artificial intelligence collaborated to bring online learning to students across the world. Robotics also positively impacts students by catalyzing problem solving & analytical skills, fostering a solutions-oriented mindset and promote creative thinking.


The students can gain a better understanding and interpretation of their reality through the use of educational robotics during the teaching-learning process.

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