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Genesis Team

School Advisory Council

The GGS School Advisory Council Is a group of collaborating partners sharing some common basis for action and a sense of community that supports their joint ventures. GGS Management, Teachers, Students, Staff and Parents have a common need for coming together as one body – the need to create a positive learning environment for our students, supporting to their overall development. As a collaborative group they work towards the betterment of our community.

Composition and Structure:
This collaborative group partnering with the Students, Teachers, Parents, Staff and Management has the opportunity to exchange views, work together and to develop mutual trust and confidence. The SAC representative fosters, a strong sense of open mindedness and vision to accommodate input from the larger community.

The SAC works to share ideas and advise school decision making, it does not hold any decision-making authority in school operation but will provide management with well thought out and diverse points of view.

1. Rupesh Agarwal
2. Stuti Chauhan
3. Dr Niharika Yadav
4. Namita
5. Simrit Singh
6. Shifali Oberoi
7. Mukul Bhasin
8. Rachna Aggarwal
9. Achicka Jain
10. Tasneem Vinod
11. Parvinder singh
12. Aashish Kumar Singhal
13. Dr Angela Sharma
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