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Why Genesis

Director’s Message

Director’s Message
Director’s Message

Welcome to Genesis Global School, Noida, India

You need only spend a few minutes going through this website to discover that Genesis offers vibrant and diverse educational programmes that achieve results above national and international averages.

According to our current families, Genesis sets itself apart from other schools largely because of the many activities which we offer. GGS students are exposed to vibrant IB and CBSE academic programmes that help instil in them a lifelong passion for learning and challenges them to be the very best they can be.

There is something beyond- the-classroom for every student here as well. A wide variety of athletics, arts, clubs and academic competitions to create a well-balanced and holistic education. We believe that children flourish when they are cared for, challenged, have opportunities to apply their learning and when they are empowered to discover and build on their strengths and passions. Therefore, authentic learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom equip our students with skills to be proactive and positive role models in the world they will inherit.

We are fortunate to have a large 30-acre campus that can boast of world-class infrastructure which includes ergonomically designed classrooms, boarding houses, multiple sports arenas and dedicated performing and visual arts spaces. Such an environment is rarely found in an urban setting. Genesis students want for nothing where facilities and opportunities to develop themselves are concerned!

Having wonderful facilities alone, however, does not result in a good education. Relationships with students, parents and teachers are critical to our success. Genesis has invested well in its resources (educators) and cultivated these lasting relationships. We continue to provide a warm, caring and compassionate environment for students to live and learn, teachers to be creative and innovative and parents to feel welcome at all times.

I hope that as you browse our website, you will gain insight into the unique experience that GGS has to offer. However, the best way to learn about GGS is to see our school in action, and I encourage you to contact us to arrange a tour of our school so that you can experience our warm, caring, vibrant community first- hand.



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