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/ Why Early Childhood Education Matters

Why Early Childhood Education Matters

High employment opportunities, improved health and positive economic impact. These are some of the significant outcomes of early childhood education which not only make a transformative difference in a child but are also beneficial for society at large. Modern India’s education system is giving special emphasis to early childhood education by devising teaching methodologies which revolve around the ‘fun element’ while teaching which is aimed at fostering creativity, innovation, curiosity and a host of other skills among the children. For those seeking top-notch educational experiences, there is a growing emphasis on IB board schools in Delhi, offering a global curriculum that enriches the educational journey.

As your child grows, he or she learns to communicate through sounds and gestures to build literacy skills. Young children who are exposed to a learning environment are able to communicate efficiently and effectively. A solid foundation for your child’s future development is laid by early childhood education, resulting in improved learning outcomes at all levels of education.

Some of the benefits of imparting early childhood education are:

Embrace Diversity: Interacting with their peers from varied backgrounds, celebrating and learning together, and accepting them for who they are. These critical values set an open adaptive mind-set that welcomes inclusion and diversity.

Essential skills: Students are encouraged to ask questions, share their viewpoints and become good listeners. They also learn to communicate with others.

Resilience: As the children interact with each other and learn by play, they also get an understanding that it’s okay to fail at something. What is most important in this situation is to bounce back. Aids emotional & physical development, besides overall well-being: A sense of connection to oneself, others and the environment is very critical in early years of development. NCF includes activities which catalyze analytical skills, reasoning, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, collaboration besides fostering healthy competition.

Inculcates strong values: By embracing strong values, the young learners set a base for their future life while making learning playful, immersive and learn the importance of extra-curricular activities and sports.

Gap Reduction: The gulf between the socially advantaged children and the children who may not be advantaged due to a number of reasons, can be reduced.

Understanding Education and the Value of Play:

Though there are multiple boards in India that emphasize on early years education, in the last few years IB board has emerged as the most popular board for fostering learning in children. Rather than treating it as entertainment, the element of ‘play’ is channelled as an instrument that helps mentors to strategize, teach, assess and plan for young learners.

Top ib school in delhi recognizes that 3–5-year-olds are imaginative, resourceful and perceptive individuals who need stimulating experiences to make sense of the world around them. Play provides such experiences for them. It encourages the early learners to develop social, cognitive, psychomotor, language and critical thinking skills. It also provides emotional scaffolding. Through play, children learn to express themselves, regulate their thoughts and form an understanding of the world they live in. They create games, role plays and other engagements while playing and draw on these experiences and learnings to handle situations and solve problems in later life.

By planning situations, provocations, classroom settings, resources and materials, there are responses that lead to immense learning of various types. These include Color blocks, hand-eye coordination games, memory skills, indoor and outdoor group activities. The teachers play a key role as they observe children at play and carefully document their interests, styles, needs and patterns. In addition, they assess the learner’s strengths and areas which need to be worked upon.  Based on these observations, they plan further learning experiences within the curriculum to enrich and optimize learning.

Learning through “Play” lays a strong foundation for all future learning and development as prepares them well for school life and provide a nurturing environment for holistic development. Children who are exposed to education in their early years become more interested in learning. At this age, children are highly curious and always seeking answers. Early childhood education prepares children for future learning.

Choosing the right educational path for your child is crucial, and online school admission platforms ease this process, especially for school admission in Noida. Embracing the significance of early childhood education is vital, as it lays the groundwork for a child’s future. Through interactive online platforms, parents can explore and secure school admission in Noida, ensuring that their child experiences the transformative benefits of early education. Empower your child’s educational journey from the start, fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning through streamlined online school admission processes in Noida.

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