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/ Unveiling the best school in Noida- A guide to exceptional education

Unveiling the best school in Noida- A guide to exceptional education

The landscape of the Indian education system has been transforming fast and is increasingly veering towards more comprehensive and meaningful learning. It is becoming more international in its approach to pedagogy, curriculum, teaching and learning thereby opening doors for exceptional education like the IB Board that offers more comprehensive learning and balances physical, mental & emotional well-being.

Best IB Boarding schools in India curriculum not only emphasizes immersive concept-based learning but also seeks to inculcate life skills, domain knowledge and the spirit of lifelong learning among its aspirants. IB curriculum-based education has already become a popular choice with parents across different geographies of India. At present, the country has 204 IB World Schools and 338 authorized programmes.

Why IB Board is most relevant for the future of Education

In India, IB schools have become increasingly popular as a comprehensive education system that provides students with a competitive edge. Also, it provides a solid basis for any student to choose a course at the university they aspire to, thus easing the transition to higher education. Unlike the traditional education system of rote which focuses on just theoretical learning, the IB curriculum aims to nurture students as future change makers who are empathetic, intelligent, innovative and curious and attuned to the changing dynamics of the world around them.

The curriculum focuses on studies in arts, math, language, literature, individuals & societies, has more international recognition and is open to anyone between 3 to 19 years of age. The IB Board is classified into four branches, and these are- IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, IB Diploma Years Programme and the IB Career Programme. After building a strong foundation via a creative start in the IB Primary Years Programme, the next phase focuses on honing the student’s competencies and skills for the real world and preparing them to handle challenges. The IB Diploma Years Programme focuses on giving them an additional advantage over their peers from other boards while the last programme steers the young learners towards careers of their choice for a professional outcome.

The Benefits of IB Board and Curriculum

  • Students learn to focus on personal skills, hone and identify their talents, understand their competencies and most importantly learn life skills.

  • An IB School encourages students to be both analytical, innovative, creative and humane in their approach to everything including education and life. Students learn to look at everything from different perspectives, thereby encouraging multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary thinking and approach.

  • The students develop critical skills like communication, collaboration, agility and adaptability and learn to apply concepts to familiar and unfamiliar situations.

  • IB education also helps young learners develop thinking and analytical skills, cultural awareness, inclusivity, flexibility and responsiveness to situations.

  • Besides the skills mentioned above, students also learn to become independent thinkers as the pedagogy here is aligned with core elements of education which essentially comprise six subjects. These are– First Language, Second Language, Individuals and Society, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and Visual Arts.

As a leading IB School in Delhi – NCR region, we at Genesis Global School offer the MYP programme that is designed exclusively for students aged 14 to 16 years that provides a rigorous, broad and balanced programme that serves to build a continuum towards the IB Diploma Programme in year 11 and 12.

We aim to connect students with themselves and the world around them and to help them blossom into responsible, competent and caring changemakers of tomorrow. And IB is the stepping stone to that future.

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