Understand the increase & impact of private school education

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/ Understanding the increase & impact of private school education

Understanding the increase & impact of private school education

Modern education is no longer about mugging up facts and concepts. It’s a transformative and life-changing experience that encourages the spirit of innovation, curiosity, skill enhancement, and overall well-being of students at all levels. This explains the success that private schools, including CBSE schools in Noida, have found in India. They continue to offer top-line and globally relevant education systems and pedagogies that align with the current and future needs.

Besides state boards, students have the option of taking up different national boards like CBSE and others. But of late, the International Baccalaureate (IB) board’s practical methodology that emphasizes deep understanding and critical thinking among other skills has become very popular with private schools.

How Private Schools offer an Extra Edge?
Nurturing independent thinkers

A learner-centered approach is integral to many curriculums and pedagogies and private schools that offer IB Board allows that space and learning. Instead of conventional teaching methodologies, teachers mentor students to be more independent, empathy driven, respectful, disciplined and open-minded thinkers, who are self- driven and understand the value of hard work and research.

Also, collaborative inquiry into real-life issues encourages students to break free from the confines of textbooks. This approach underscores a profound truth: original thinking cannot flourish within the narrow boundaries of conventional learning.

An ecosystem for holistic development

There’s a world of learning beyond the pressure and stress of textbooks and exams which bats for the holistic development of students. Therefore, private schools emphasize emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and adaptability besides new age skills like leadership, communication, adaptability, collaboration, risk management and risk taking. Students are encouraged to think out-of-the-box, beat traditional thinking styles and methods and understand the world around them based on their learning and what they feel. This kind of approach leads to positive personality development on a more comprehensive level as the young learners also learn about social responsibility and community living. Considering they are raising future changemakers, this creates a big impact.

Concept-Based learning is a big priority

It’s very common for students to struggle with concepts, their application and even comprehension. Concept-based learning breaks that barrier where immersive learning allows deeper information absorption and students are urged to ask questions, debate, analyze and even raise critical points. This approach dissuades memorizing isolated facts and figures, focusing instead on understanding the underlying reasons and broader contexts. This also sets a strong base for lifelong learning—a skill that will take them ahead in their future careers and lives.

Globally recognized excellence and methodologies

Choosing the right educational path for a child involves considering various factors, among which international recognition holds immense importance and private schools understand this aspiration and requirement. For example, the IB curriculum has international recognition and is easily accepted by topline colleges across the world. It gives students a lot of learning beyond borders by expanding their minds with immersive, collaborative peer learning, projects and also ensures incorporation of best industry best practices. This exposure to both global and local ecosystems in turn, ensures that students learn important values like diversity, equality and inclusion and understanding multiple perspectives.

Private schools also incorporate extra-curricular activities like different types of clubs, new age subjects like robotics, indoor and outdoor sports with trained coaches to help students excel besides fanning their talent via art, debates and other activities for a more comprehensive growth. This clearly grants them an extra edge.

Presently, many international schools in Greater Noida are also offering day boarding and full boarding facilities where activities and learning are aligned in such a way that students have fun while immersing themselves into academics and other activities of their interest.

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