Top Five Extra- Curricular Activities for Students

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/ Top Five Extra- Curricular Activities for Students

Top Five Extra- Curricular Activities for Students

In today’s fast paced world with rising competition, pressure to succeed and learn new things on-the-go, the spotlight has been moving away from academic development towards a more comprehensive development of the students. Extra-curricular activities (ECAs) play an important role in nurturing young learners as future changemakers who are responsible, empathetic, and dedicated to the greater good.

These days, boarding school delhi offer a diverse range of extra- curricular activities for students to choose from. Besides sports, the activities include Drama, Art, Fireless Cooking, Singing, Dancing, Instrumental Music, Crafts, Pottery and more. We at Genesis school, the best boarding school in delhi like to offer an extra edge to our students with relevant and trendy activities that challenge and excite the young minds. For instance, we use a variety of robotics programmes like Lego Mindstorm & EV3, VEX IQ & EDR, TETRIX and sophisticated NAO Humanoid to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills of our students.

In a nutshell, these activities not only boost the academic performance of students but also provide the necessary outlet to expend their extra energy and discover more about their own selves.

Some of the benefits of extra- curricular activities are:

Boost self-confidence: Extra-curricular activities have a terrific impact on shy students and help to draw them out of their shell as they are comfortable and happy by participating in an activity of their choice. These have a positive impact on students and contribute to their sense of self-belief and trust in oneself.

Collaboration & other key skills: Students learn the value of collaborating with each other at an early stage of their lives which leads them into learning other critical skills such as leadership skills, agility, reasoning, solutions-oriented mindset, critical thinking and adaptability.

Time management: A key trait which will last, time management teaches the young minds the value of discipline and develops a solutions-oriented mindset.

Lasting friendships: Working together as a team, negotiating challenges and being a part of every win or loss creates an unbreakable bond between students and leads to some lasting friendships and great memories.

Values: Besides developing strong emotional and communication skills, they also inculcate important values like respecting differences, embracing different cultures, being flexible and building good relationships with others.

Besides music, dance, drama clubs and a host of other activities, some of the mainline ECAs for students include:

Sports and Martial Arts: Besides promoting physical and mental health, sports lead to the development of lifelong skills. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, self-management, and teamwork skills necessary for personal development. Martial arts help children develop discipline.

Cooking: As another popular ECA, children from diverse age groups tend to show preference towards cooking which is not just a source of enjoyment but also teaches these young learners to sharpen their gross motor skills using kneading mixing and other processes. They also learn about portions, fractions, math concepts through cooking besides learning to make healthy and informed choices about their own personal diet.

Pottery: This engaging and entertaining creative activity is suitable for children above seven years of age because it not only gives a boost to their creativity but is a strong reflection of self-expression. Pottery boosts cognitive skills and promotes motor and sensory development. It also sharpens self-esteem and enhance confidence in children.

Volunteering: This activity teaches young students about self-management, problem solving and collaboration while looking to help others and gain a multi-disciplinary approach. It also makes children more compassionate, adaptive and understanding besides nourishing a sense of empathy for their environment and the others around them.

Painting and Drawing: One of the most sought after ECAs, painting and drawing enables children to let their imagination and creativity run wild, to explore experiments and take risks and develop their own artistic interpretations and styles. By doing so, they not only develop problem-solving skills, but also learn to embrace change.

Researchers at The Ohio State University found that students who participated in one of the best boarding schools in delhi sport and one other non-sport extracurricular activity were more likely to go to college, as compared to those who did not. Clearly, the age of ECA has arrived.

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