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/ Self-Motivation for students: Unfolding the path to a successful life

Self-Motivation for students: Unfolding the path to a successful life

In today’s fast-paced world of extreme pressure and competition, self-motivation or personal motivation is a key ingredient to not just creating success in classrooms & future careers, but also evolving as a human being. Since, every individual on earth is unique and has a purpose to achieve, you need to be self-motivated towards your goals.

Students often tend to feel demotivated in different stages of their academic lives. It is therefore critical for parents and educational institutions to ensure that they provide the right encouragement for children to be self-motivated and confident as they learn how to present themselves in the best light at all times. Self-motivated students are driven by passion as they are eager to succeed. While some students struggle to cope with the pressure of academics, others struggle to pursue their interest in what they are studying. Often, students end up choosing a professional course out of peer or parents pressure but later on realize that they don’t have an interest in that particular stream or course. This often leads to unnecessary pressure and demotivation on student’s part.

Therefore, self-motivation is vital to the achievement of future goals.

What is self-motivation

Self-motivation is a key value that not only boosts the self-confidence of younger and older children but it also inculcates essential skills like independence, patience, a solution-oriented mindset, consistency, ability to take risks and use failures as a learning opportunity. Several documented studies have shown that children who have been self-motivated tend to excel not only academically and have a positive mindset, but they also continue to evolve as adults later in life.

Discover the 5 Benefits of Personal Motivation

Inculcating a positive outlook and attitude towards everything:

The first step to finding a solution to any issue or a problem is to tell yourself that it can be resolved. Of course, the answer may take some time and patience, but like a puzzle, all pieces will fall into place as long as you keep trying and keep looking for a resolution in multiple ways.

Encouraging comprehensive thinking and stimulating grey cells:

Assign a project to students and ask them to chart a resolution taking all possible aspects—challenges, issues, solutions, and their impacts into consideration. Make it challenging, exciting and ensure that it encourages students to think on their own using their own creativity and innovations. This will enable an open minded approach and the students will be motivated to try their best. For teachers and parents, it is important to praise every effort, regardless of the result.

Encourage conversations and visualization:

What is your passion? What would you like to explore and pursue as a career when you grow up? Is there something that really excites you and how would you like to shape that subject, field, or product? These exciting cues will not only lead to some interesting conversations but also catalyse self-reflection, introspection, and deep thinking.

The real competition is with yourself, not others:

It’s important for students to learn that they have vast potential and energy that needs to be identified, tapped, and channelized in the right way. One of the most critical and biggest ways to do that is to ensure that the students challenge and push themselves to achieve whatever they desire by focusing on their journey rather than what others around them are doing.

Crossing milestones requires self-motivation:

There are various challenges in life that you might face over a period. Self-motivation helps you overcome these challenges smoothly.

Personal-motivation is a value that cannot be taught. It needs time and patience to nurture and develop. As noted American poet Maya Angelou says, “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.”

In the words of Mikhail Baryshnikov, “I don’t try to dance better than others, but only try to dance better than my previous steps”. You are the best opponent of yourself. Therefore, motivating yourself allows you to compare yourself to the previous performance and enhance it further.

That’s real self-motivation.Overall, self-motivation is an essential skill. The ability to learn and excel in studies is an important quality for students as it helps in igniting their minds to pursue their goals

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