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/ Role Of Extensive Co-curricular Experiences In Making A Rounded Individual

Role Of Extensive Co-curricular Experiences In Making A Rounded Individual

Co-curricular activities are activities that are carried outside the normal classrooms and are not part of the usual academic curriculum in best CBSE schools . These activities enhance the growth of diverse physical, mental, and personality dimensions, such as intellectual, emotional, social, moral, artistic, and spiritual development and are beneficial to an individual’s overall development. 

Co-curricular activities nurture life-skills and help improve self-esteem, and empathy toward others. They also develop a sense of values and ethics within diverse cultural, social, environmental, and personal settings.

Co-curricular activities existed in the best CBSE school in ancient times too in forms like music, debate, drama, and athletics. However, it was soon realized that some objectives of education cannot be achieved by academics alone.  

Today best CBSE schools have begun to accept co-curricular activities as an integral part of the school program as they provide scope for democratic living, and develop social skills, a sense of cooperation, team spirit, and self-discipline, which are important for a citizen to function in a democracy. All this is possible only through students’ participation in co-curricular activities. Hence the need for co-curricular activities is increasingly felt in schools.

The best CBSE schools are now paying attention to the all-round development, that is, mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, and vocational development of students. Also, recreational games and activities are being increasingly and intelligently designed for promoting wholesome physical development, good citizenship, character, manners, and courtesy in each and every student. 

The true objective of education can be fully realized by introducing co-curricular activities at every stage of education. That’s because students gain from participating in co-curricular activities in a variety of ways such as the enclosed: 

Academic Achievements– It’s the greatest myth that co-curricular activities will interfere with a child’s academic growth. Instead, they enhance brain function and concentration along with better time management skills. 

Social Skills– School becomes more pleasurable when you have friends to enjoy your moments with. Joining a school group is the best way to meet like-minded people. Co-curricular activities helps in the development of social skills among the students. 

Stress-Relief and Relaxation– Exams, finishing assignments on time, thinking about the future; all of this could be stressful. Therefore, taking necessary breaks and enjoying co-curricular activities with friends will keep you content and shift your focus elsewhere too.

Broaden Perspective– Participation in co-curricular activities will help you attempt new things, challenge yourself in thinking from new angles and discover new talents, interests, and career objectives. These fresh perspectives will help you pursue academics in a better and more informed way. Certain skills, such as writing, dancing, and acting, which an individual often gets to learn from participation in co-curricular activities, can become a full-time career.

Boost Confidence– Co-curricular activities develop competitive spirit, leadership qualities, team spirit, and cooperation. Organizing social events, participating in public speaking, volunteering for social work, projects in exhibitions, museum visits, and Annual day, almost all of the co-curricular activities boost self-confidence and trust among students. 

Improve Physical and Mental Health– Co-curricular activities enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of students. Be it Yoga, athletics, indoor games, or debates and declamations, students understand the different aspects of social life and work in a group. Co-curricular activities also help the students to stay fit, productive and determined. 

Sense of Responsibility– Whether it is team sports, decorating the bulletin board, or managing the class painting board, the students learn to collaborate and help others and build a sense of accountability and responsibility.

Education is not just about going to school or college. It is the all-rounded holistic development of individuals. Co-curricular activities are highly intellectual and provide excitement to the learning process. They relieve classroom monotony and provide practical knowledge and skills in the most interactive ways possible. They also make the best CBSE school system come alive with students bursting with energy and vitality, growing up into individuals raring to bring about social change and human progress. 

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