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/ Importance of public speaking for students

Importance of public speaking for students

Who would have thought that one day, science would back public speaking as a great anti-ageing activity? This extraordinary finding was revealed by Denise Park, the Director of Research of the Centre for Vital Longevity at the University of Texas at Dallas. No wonder that educational institutions like schools are focusing on public speaking skills for students.

According to Park’s research, “The adults who were productively engaged in learning new skills showed improvements in memory and other high-level cognitive processes.” Those all come into play during the process of developing, designing, and delivering a presentation.

And each presentation caused them to learn new skills and adapt to new speaking environments and audiences. That means public speaking can be a way to improve memory as people age.

With schools opening their learning and education to this new skill of public speaking, a bright future is definitely assured for students.

Understanding the skill of public speaking

Public Speaking is essentially addressing a live audience and connecting with them on a subject or issue with the aim of either sharing information, knowledge or simply entertainment purposes. It is also a great way to boost confidence and creativity. The skill of public speaking may be inborn or you may require time to achieve perfection. It is definitely a lot of hard work as it involves planning, preparation, practise and a final live presentation before people.

According to a recent article in Forbes, people only hear 20 percent of what the speaker is saying while the remaining 80 percent is internalized, visually.

Public speaking skills for students

In today’s world, technical knowledge or degree is not the criteria for a successful professional life. It is defined by the personality and human skills of a person alongside, professional skills. In this context, public speaking is important and perceived as a desired skill because it not only boost communication, but also creates a positive environment for everyone.

Public speaking is important because:

  • Communication skills get a leg up: Typically, public speaking involves presentation preparation and planning –on the chosen subject, some relatable information or fact which strikes a chord with the live audience. The idea is to make an instant connect or build it up gradually. This aspect is again a critical skill which is required to build up a strong professional career.
  • Language Skills: Public speaking is a form of oratory where speech is given in a flow using all nuances like pauses, expression and emotions. This also encourages fluency and expands vocabulary among students.
  • Confidence and self-esteem booster: Being the only voice heard by a group of people you may not know well, is certainly an act of courage. It not only takes away anxiety and nervousness but also boosts self-esteem and builds up confidence levels. Public speaking is important for students because these values are equally respected and desired as a part of workplace skills and are certain to augment their career paths as they progress in life. It also encourages students to voice their thoughts and opinions, honestly and in a transparent manner.
  • Public Speaking Tips

    The biggest secret to public speaking is ensuring that you practice on a daily basis and do so in front of familiar people like family and friends. It not only gives you a sense of confidence when you begin but it also opens your mind to the idea of speaking in front of a live audience most who may be unknown people.

    You may have idols but remember it’s important not to follow someone blindly. You have your own quality and talents, therefore be your authentic self.

    Nervousness or tension is a natural state of mind when you are about to begin. Calm your frayed nerves with deep breathing and take a few sips of water. Make eye contact with your audience and engage with them with a little humor. It will break the ice and you will feel more positive and confident. These public speaking tips will surely help you in succeeding in your career and life.

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