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Genesis Residential School – A Boarding School With a Difference

Genesis Residential School

The pre-requisite for all top boarding schools is to create a world-class, stimulating and holistic environment for all-round development of scholars. As the best boarding school in Noida, India, Genesis strives to achieve not just academic, but physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth of scholars as well.

For parents putting their children in the hands of teachers and administration when they are growing up, a doubt always remains as to whether the child is getting the right environment not just to study, but to live. After all, opting for a boarding school for your child is a decision with your child’s future at stake. At Genesis, we put all such doubts to rest with facilities and amenities that make the hostel feel like a home away from home.

We provide our Resident Scholars the facility to avail either 5-day boarding with the weekends at home, or 7-day boarding for staying on the campus for the entire week. Genesis is renowned amongst residential schools in Noida, India, for modern infrastructure, residences and facilities, and we seek to create a comfortable home away from home for scholars.

From aesthetically designed, well-appointed and air-conditioned hostels, our scholar residences are the perfect hub of learning, rejuvenation and creativity without sacrificing comfort and well-being. Our Noida boarding school has separate residences for boys and girls, where they are given personal attention and care by experienced House Parents under the supervision of the Dean (Residences). Each scholar has a comfortable and cosy bed, a bedside table, a study table and a cupboard for their personal belongings. The residences are supported by laundry and housekeeping facilities.

Apart from studies, the day boarders can take place in many competitive and non-competitive activities which fall under the Fun Zone. This is our way of making sure that the child remains fit, both physically and mentally, and gets to nurture his or her talent for sport and recreation. Apart from these, the Fun Zone also includes cultural activities such as music, dance, Rangoli, painting, skating, extempore, etc.

Participation all such activities generates a sense of harmony, and helps in the development of necessary social skills such as teamwork, leadership, coordination, etc. On festive occasions, the residence lights up and everyone come together for grand celebrations.

A lounge and recreational room known as the Common Room in each Residence gives scholars an opportunity to play indoor games, watch television, and use the Internet, all under constant guidance.

With such a fascinating amalgam of facilities and teaching pedagogy at the residential school, Genesis teaches young scholars not just an essential education, but a way of living.

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