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Classrooms Classroom Image - Genesis Global School

The design specifications of our classrooms allow them to be comfortable, optimally lit and fully air-conditioned with a seating capacity of no more than 25 scholars.
The classrooms furniture comes in 3 sizes for different sections of the school. It is well designed with an international finish and engineered to be safe for the child. It has further been ensured that the furniture is ergonomically designed to keep the child’s posture straight and upright.
Each classroom is well equipped with the latest in technology including Wi-Fi and Projectors with Wireless Display Adapters. There are also a host of bulletin boards and display boards placed both inside and outside the rooms.
The School has been developing the resources that need to be provided for Anytime – Anywhere learning and has taken steps to provide the infrastructure accordingly.
As a Microsoft Showcase School, GGS is one of the Leaders in technology for learning.

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