Day Boarding Schools: The Future of Comprehensive Education

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/ Day Boarding Schools: The Future of Comprehensive Education

Day Boarding Schools: The Future of Comprehensive Education

The Indian education system has transformed from conventional learning methodologies and systems into a modern & globally aligned system of the day boarding concept. The schools offering day boarding have gained popularity in the last few years as they are not just focusing on developing the knowledge and concepts of students but are also preparing them for a wholesome experience and grooming them with skills that can transcend any changes.

Typically, best boarding schools in delhi offer a comprehensive curriculum that is aimed at ensuring an all-round development of students and shaping their personality. The curriculum not only provides immersive education, but also impart necessary life skills that will take the young learners forward professionally in the future.

Parents and students need to recognize the value of residential life as our boarding students tend to achieve higher academic standing, participate in the arts and athletic programmes and fill leadership positions more often when compared to the day students.

Genesis Global School has well-appointed residential facilities for students and the school offers two options, a five-day boarding programme or a full seven-day residential programme.

The boarding programme is overseen by the Head of Residences, and a group of dedicated house parents who tailor everything according to the student’s needs. Together the residence staff plan regular activities and outings for the boarding students and provide support during evening study. All boarding students are required to participate in the After School Programme daily, as well as Service Programmes that are planned during specified weekends.

While the boarding students’ days are full, the athletic facilities, library, art rooms and outdoor spaces are made available for student use during unscheduled periods. The campus is secured by closed-circuit TV and a full roster of security personnel to ensure students are always safe.

Our student residences are beautifully designed, well-appointed and air-conditioned. There is separate accommodation for boys and girls where they are supervised by House Parents. The Residences function under the overall supervision of the Head of Residences. The Residence of Genesis Global School is a great hub of activity and creativity. The Students in Residence (SIRS) publish a monthly newsletter ‘Camaraderie ‘and a bi-annual magazine called ‘The Coffee House’ which gives an insight into their life with Genesis.

‘Fun Zone’ is the name given to the competitive and non-competitive activities conducted at the Residences. This Fun Zone enriches the student’s life with cultural activities such as dance, music, rangoli, painting, skating, extempore, playing sports together and even cooking an occasional meal.

Students are taken for adventure activities and educational excursions during the mid- term break every year. These platforms of experiential learning are essential for the overall development of the student, and they are expected to participate wholeheartedly as attendance is compulsory.

One of the many benefits of day boarding school in delhi is that they scale down the stress of commuting over long distances or heavy traffic. It means that the students are more relaxed and focus on their learning and other extra-curricular activities instead of getting anxious over pending assignments and beating the traffic to reach their home on time. Usually, there is a schedule set for homework and self-study, providing a structured environment where students can complete their assignments and seek help from teachers when needed.

Some of the benefits of Day Boarding schools are:
Education and Fun

While day boarding schools give an extra emphasis to concepts, hands on education, project based learning and comprehensive knowledge sources, they also ensure the students have an all-round development by taking care of their physical, mental and emotional well-being. To facilitate this, Genesis Global School also offers ‘after school activities’ from swimming, public speaking, sports classes, dance and music. These classes are aimed at not only encouraging the young learners to pursue their hobbies but also ensure that they develop to their full potential.

Learning to Manage Time

By scheduling activities, learning and setting weekly routine, day boarding schools instill a lifelong discipline and time management skills in students. Through time management, the students become more planned and organized in their day-to-day life thus setting the basis for a more successful future life.

Nourishing Young Minds

Day boarding schools in Noida offer an extra edge to the young learners as they encourage students to be curious, innovative, creative and be open to multi-disciplinary learning. This not only catalyzes their growth as individuals, but they also learn to work with their fellow students, understand diverse views, learn to collaborate and develop a solutions-oriented mindset. It also empowers the students to thrive in their studies and build some lasting bonds.

Holistic Development for Future Success

The holistic development of students is also a top priority at these schools. The industry now is aligning to skills that extend beyond domain knowledge and these include flexibility, agility, collaboration, critical thinking, empathy and more. These skills have also been described as future relevant skills. Therefore, educational institutions are also encouraging and honing these skills in not just extra-curricular activities but also conversations, seminars and visits of experts and professionals from other fields to ensure that students explore what they want as their future careers, the life they want to lead thereby catalyzing well-rounded personalities.

Day Boarding schools have found success across India, and it is expected that their numbers will multiply in the coming years because of not just their standards of education or the grooming of learners, but also because they create a welcome and healthy environment that is perfect to catalyze responsible citizens of the future.

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