Parents Need to Know: Cognitive Development in Kids

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/ Cognitive Development in Kids- Everything that Parents Need to Know

Cognitive Development in Kids- Everything that Parents Need to Know

The future careers are not just about technical expertise but critical cognitive skills that make a comprehensive professional. While education is witnessing a transformation in India, many cbse school in noida are making an conscious effort and choice to ensure that they also focus on the cognitive development of students.

What are cognitive skills

Cognitive ability is the process in which the human brain processes thoughts and learns, recalls and performs daily functions. If the development of cognitive skills is encouraged, children grow and develop into comprehensive human beings who are intelligent, sensitive and responsible.

Parents and schools have a two-way partnership in which they can encourage the young learners to hone their cognitive abilities by encouraging a host of physical activities like sports, brain games, encouraging problem-solving skills, ensuring a good and balanced nutrition alongside a sound night’s sleep. For those seeking the best CBSE boarding schools in Delhi NCR, this holistic approach to education is a key aspect to consider.

Some core cognitive skills include:

Audio visual processing: Sound and visuals play a significant role in cognitive development, as they help in forming interpretations. This includes processing information like colors, directions, sign, listening to someone etc.

Focus: The ability to process information and retain it is very important especially in social and workplace environments. Children who learn to focus not only complete their tasks on time but are also able to multi task and pick up more skills.

Memory: The ability to recall information or store and process it with ease is very important. Forgetting things quickly, or inability to recall full information are signs of poor memory. This can be improved by a series of activities.

Logic & reasoning: This includes the ability to formulate ideas, find solutions to problems and reason from different perspectives. Any child who struggles with these aspects may need support.

Critical thinking and problem solving: These help in developing a solutions oriented mindset besides encouraging the ability to face any challenge head-on.

Communication: This helps in forming bonds, understanding others point of view and learning to express oneself clearly and cohesively.

Collaboration: The ability to work in teams or with peers, learning to find solutions, finding success and fighting challenges together, is a critical skill to learn.

Adaptability: Learning to accept multiple perspectives is yet another crucial factor which is also a crucial life skill, besides a cognitive skill.

Everyday activities to improve cognitive skills

Water and diet: Hydrating oneself frequently and a diet rich in all nutrients, less junk food and more focus on fruits helps boost immunity in children and gives a sense of emotional well-being as well. Going to bed early also helps them in improving their retention and memory.

Stress reduction: Children are not immune to today’s fast paced life and the pressure it entails. They should be encouraged to practice mindfulness, deep breathing and yoga for 15 minutes on a daily basis. It clears up their mind and helps in sharpening their attention, focus & listening abilities besides mental processing of thoughts and ideas.

Brain booster: A simple game of matching pieces, maze, puzzles and even journaling goes a long way in ensuring that children sharpen their attention, recall, analytical and reasoning skills.

Sound Identification: Asking children to identify types and sources of sounds also helps them process and store everyday sounds and create memory.

For older children, games like Sudoku and crossword puzzles are a great way to boost their focus, thinking skills and other cognitive abilities. Physical activities are significant to ensure that their cognitive skills get a leg up while they are having fun.

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