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All You Need to Know About IB Curriculum

What is IB curriculum? Also known as International Baccalaureate Program, it is a globally recognized curriculum, which is a course for the last two years of high school. It was founded in 1968 with a mission to create a better world through education.

Why is Sports Education an Integral Part of Education?

Being a leading global school in India, we understand the importance of sports education in India and how it can contribute to a child's physical and mental growth. To raise social awareness about sports education in India, we bring this detailed post that will help you understand its various facets.

5 Essential Lessons to Learn from Horse Riding

Horse riding in a picturesque landscape is the ideal image in our minds when we think of outdoor recreation and enjoyment. It is not all fun and plays, but it goes beyond that. Today, horse riding schools provide your child with life-based value lessons as well. This is the reason why horse riding schools are gaining popularity in India.

4 Amazing Benefits of Summer Camp for Your Child

Every child has a unique personality, and we, at Genesis Global School, plan a list of summer camp activities at our school that is beneficial for every kid. Summer camp activities are the perfect mix of learning and fun, after which your child will always come back having a great time and with lots of stories and lessons to share.

Coronavirus – How to prevent it?

Cases of highly infectious and easily transmittable diseases Coronavirus has emerged as one of the deadliest outbreaks since Ebola which had killed approximately 11,310 humans in 2014. Coronavirus has several types and has been found in humans time-to-time, but this recent adaptation of the virus is unnatural to be seen in humans.

Everything you need to know about Australian Bushfires!

Burning since September 2019, the Australian bushfires have probably had their longest life so far. A devastating combination of extreme heat, prolonged drought and strong winds fuelled these deadly fires in various parts of the continent. Watching it over the news and scrolling through the feed, the bushfires have been trending on all platforms since December.

2019 – An Year of Achievements and Laurels

The past year has seen an eclectic celebration of awards and achievements. Genesis Global School reached incredible heights and scholars have made us proud on various occasions As we look back at the fantastic 2019, we revisit the wins and the acclamations

10 Best Things to do during your Winter Break!

Cold winters, cozy blankets, hot cups of cocoa and songs in the air - the winter break is indeed here. The best time of the year - where we anticipate bringing in the new year

School, Tuitions, Extra-Curricular, Special Lessons – Are we swamping the young learners?

A back to back routine of school, tuitions, special lessons of sports or arts or music, etc. often leads to a child developing stress and anxiety, which may even lead to depression on occasion. Children with busy structured play schedules may fall behind at school, complain of headaches or stomach aches and feel tired frequently.

Climate Crisis – The Steps we need to take Now!

The importance of educating others about climate change cannot be overstated in our modern society. You can help protect the planet by educating yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and stay updated about the latest ideas and solutions.
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