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2019 – An Year of Achievements and Laurels

The past year has seen an eclectic celebration of awards and achievements. Genesis Global School reached incredible heights and scholars have made us proud on various occasions As we look back at the fantastic 2019, we revisit the wins and the acclamations

10 Best Things to do during your Winter Break!

Cold winters, cozy blankets, hot cups of cocoa and songs in the air - the winter break is indeed here. The best time of the year - where we anticipate bringing in the new year

School, Tuitions, Extra-Curricular, Special Lessons – Are we swamping the young learners?

A back to back routine of school, tuitions, special lessons of sports or arts or music, etc. often leads to a child developing stress and anxiety, which may even lead to depression on occasion. Children with busy structured play schedules may fall behind at school, complain of headaches or stomach aches and feel tired frequently.

Climate Crisis – The Steps we need to take Now!

The importance of educating others about climate change cannot be overstated in our modern society. You can help protect the planet by educating yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and stay updated about the latest ideas and solutions.


The primary role of education is to enable students with the skills, aptitudes, and dispositions required to be effective and competitive in the current and future world system. There is an ever-increasing awareness among educators, students, parents, policymakers, and the general population that education needs to respond to the constantly evolving global paradigm.

How to help your child stay organized for everyday school?

There are weekday mornings’ where parents run a race against the clock. When the school bus arrives, parents tend to be frustrated, frazzled, and screaming at their child. In this competitive world, children are expected to organize their environment and manage their time in order to be ahead. All children need some help learning, to get organized and to

Why an active involvement of Parents is significant in a students’ performance?

A lot of factors influence a student ’s academic and co-curricular performance - parents’ involvement being a crucial part of it. Parents who are actively involved in their child’s education, from the starting greatly influence the child’s future development. The most effective learning starts at home, through basic learning activities that shape their early education.

Is Your Child Being Bullied? Know the Signs and How to Help?

Anyone can be a victim of bullying, both children and adults. The most affected although, are children who are shy, quiet and have fewer friends. They tend to be victims of bullying while popular children are more likely to be bullies. From physical bullying to mentally harassing others, the constant increase in such instances urges parents to address th

How to be friends with your teenage children?

With constantly changing lifestyles due to rise of incomes, advent of technology in daily life and evolving social norms, it is inevitable for all of us to have to adapt to the changing times. On the other hand, our children, have been born in this milieu, learning, grasping and witnessing for the first time in this environment and as a result, are naturally far more adept in navigating it than us.

Social Media – A Boon or a Bane for Students?

A constant struggle of parents today is to unhook their children from their laptop and phone screens. With the continuously growing internet-savvy world, everyone is glued to their screens to connect, play, learn and get entertained. Students tend to learn and solve their academic concerns as well as enjoy recreational activities online.
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