Welcome to Genesis Global School – Where the Uniqueness of Every Kid is nurtured |

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/ Welcome to Genesis Global School – Where the Uniqueness of Every Kid is nurtured

Welcome to Genesis Global School – Where the Uniqueness of Every Kid is nurtured

Welcome to Genesis Global School

Every child is different. Every child is unique. It is this very premise upon which the foundations of Genesis Global School are built. Founded in the year 2009, Genesis Global School is one of the most sought-after top schools in India that follows an internationally acclaimed K-12 student-centric model for child education and development.

The premier day-cum-residential school is one of the best schools in Noida, India when it comes to the infrastructure: a 30-acre WiFi-enabled campus with spacious classrooms, multimedia library, computerised labs, and world class sports facilities.

Being one of the best IB schools in Noida, Genesis provides a wide array of national & international curriculums, 21 sports and different admission plans to suit individual students. GGS is a CIS Member school, affiliated with the  International Baccalaureate (IB, Geneva) and the Delhi-based Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , with collaborations with Clifton College and Midldesex College, UK, and L’Ermitage International School, France and GSD,Spain. Bringing an unprecedented level of learning, exchange, interaction, and experiences for the scholars. In the Education World India Rankings 2017, Genesis ranked as the No.1 Boarding School in Delhi NCR.

The school logo is an apt representation of the ideals that the school stands for, and the values that the school aims to inculcate in its scholars. Called the Genesis hexagon, the logo has six pillars:

Focus on internationalism

In today’s modern day society, where globalization is rampant and growing, it is essential to create not just ordinary citizens, but global citizens of the world. Appreciating diversity and multi-culturism is critical in order to eliminate the weed of bias from future generations.

Practice of democracy

Equality and equal participation for all is a high ideal that did our country so well, and is a representation of a healthy society. This aspect enables kids to become fair, rational and have an equal voice in everything.

Care for the environment

Sustainable development is the need of the hour. At Genesis, we teach children to be environmentally-conscious and responsible towards nature.

The spirit of adventure

Courage and confidence are essential in order to develop intelligent and successful future generations. This ideal not only pertains to education, but other factions of life as well, such as extra-curricular skills.

Nurturing leadership

Leaders are the visionaries of tomorrow, and at Genesis, everyone is brought up to be a leader in not just his or her areas of interest, but other life skills as well.

Service to society

Humanitarianism is another ideal which we cherish and nurture in scholars. After all, to be human is to be sensitized to societal issues, and have a generous and helpful attitude towards one and all.

What makes Genesis a truly global school is its pledge to nurture considerate, accomplished and aware global citizens ready to assume responsibility for making the world a better place. The seamless interweaving of its ethos with the students’ personality is what distinguishes Genesis from other top schools in Noida and India.

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