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/ The growing popularity of best residential school in India

The growing popularity of best residential school in India

Education is one of the most critical components that can influence a person’s future and character. Choosing an ideal school that fosters academic excellence and provides all-round development for a child is a daunting task for parents today.

The nuclear family structure in the growing urban middle-class of India is new-normal. But it has its drawbacks as most parents do not have enough time to devote to their children. Therefore, the demand for a residential school system has increased since the child is always under watch. Residential schools successfully instill in children habits of discipline, independence, and confidence.

Let’s quickly go through the vital difference between Residential Schools and Day Schools. While residential schools are educational establishments where students attend classes and live on campus in dormitories or resident houses, day boarding schools are those schools where children attend their classes and return home.

To be successful, top boarding schools must provide a world-class, stimulating and holistic environment for the overall development of students. Having the best boarding school facilities in Noida, Genesis strives to achieve academic and physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth in the children. The school seeks to provide students with a comfortable home away from home by having modern infrastructure, residences, and facilities.

Genesis Global School is different from other boarding schools. It provides its resident children with the facility to avail of either 5-day boarding with the weekends at home—alternatively, 7-day boarding for staying on the campus for the entire week.

Children are introduced to various real-life scenarios at an early age, which helps them grow and learn in the long run. From aesthetically designed, well-appointed and air-conditioned hostels, the concept of a residential school offers an ideal platform for learning, rejuvenation, and creativity without sacrificing comfort.

Learning is not a six-hour (8 AM to 2 PM) process. It needs a much longer timeframe with a sufficient break or gap to allow better attention from the students. Genesis Global School provides academic help to its student after standard school timings to provide education with comfort and leisure.

A dynamic and caring environment are two factors that make Genesis Global School the best school for boarding students. To foster a sense of value within the community, the school strives to foster a sense of personal worth in all students.

The school has separate residences for boys and girls, where experienced House Parents provide personal attention and care under the supervision of the Dean (Residences). The Head of Residences and a team of dedicated house parents administer the boarding programme, which is tailor-made to the needs of the students.

Since the safety of children is paramount for the school, closed-circuit television and a large team of security professionals ensure that students are always safe on campus.

The Residence of Genesis Global School is an excellent hub of activity and creativity. Each month, the students in residence, or SIRS, publish a newsletter called Camaraderie and a bi-annual magazine called ‘The Coffee House’, which looks into their lives at Genesis.

In addition to organizing regular events and outings for boarding students, the staff also provides study assistance at night. Apart from this, all boarding students are encouraged to regularly engage in an after-school program and service programs scheduled on specific weekends.

The sporting facilities, library, art rooms, and outdoor spaces are accessible for student use at odd hours. This is our way of making sure that the child remains fit, both physically and mentally, and gets to nurture their talent for sport and recreation.

Besides studies, day boarders can participate in many competitive and non-competitive activities under the Fun Zone. The Fun Zone also includes cultural activities such as music, dance, Rangoli, painting, skating, extempore, etc. Participation in such activities promotes harmony and helps develop necessary social skills such as teamwork, leadership, coordination, etc.

Providing such a unique mix of education and facilities, Genesis teaches young scholars not merely an essential education but a lifestyle.

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