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The prevailing pandemic has affected every sphere of life, and education is not an exception. After closing campuses during the first wave of COVID-19, schools opened up for a brief period of time before the second wave rendered it impossible to continue. However, education continues at an unabated pace; it has acquired a distinct hue in the new normal by turning digital. Students are learning from within the confines of their homes, attending virtual lessons at designated hours. While the digital transformation has ensured a perennial flow of wisdom, it has become pertinent to introduce changes in the traditional practices. Holistic education is at the centre stage in this new world order, and premier educational institutes like Genesis Global School took a step in the right direction by designing their teaching and learning processes around this.

Re-imagining education with the help of technology-

Educational institutes faced an unprecedented situation last year as they had to shut down their physical classes and shift the entire education process online. However, leading schools like us were quick to adapt to this change. Re-imagining education with the help of technology has helped us continue our journey of excellence. Digital technology has enabled us to continue the educational process of our national and international students without much hindrance. While multiple platforms assist schools in providing education through digital mediums, being a Microsoft Showcase School allowed us to make this transition rather seamlessly, and our students and teachers were comfortable using Microsoft Teams from the get-go!

As a first step towards this successful transition, we formally trained our students, teachers and support staff to use the application. Continuous and comprehensive training keeps the users updated with new features and ensures optimum utilization of the medium.

Engaging parents in the educational process

We spoke to the parents to seek their support in the smooth adoption of the digital process. As younger students, were new to digital classrooms, continuous monitoring by the parents was necessary. Regular interaction with parents facilitated a smooth adoption of the flow of the day and its processes. Parental involvement has been most crucial in the success of this transformation.

Since discipline in school life is a must, we brought it to the notice of the parents that the children would need to stick to the timetables. We asked them to ensure that their child attended classes regularly. Even while the students were at home, we continued with our practice of morning assembly, albeit on the digital forum. The objective of the morning assembly is to prepare the students for the classrooms. The aim is to increase their attentiveness and make them more receptive to the knowledge transfer process for the rest of the day.

Digital classrooms for younger students were limited to ensure minimum exposure to their eyesight. And hence, the homework for students became important. With parental support, we noted that the students completed their assignments timely and submitted them digitally with ease.

Fusing academics and non-academic engagement programmes

As we aim for our children to be global citizens, we must not leave any stones unturned. Rote learning can never help a child develop a multi-faceted personality. Holistic education can ensure the all-round development of a child. To ensure the academic success and growth of the students, Genesis Global School offers the best of both national and international curriculum. Students can choose from the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

While academics are at the core of the education system, we must not undermine the significance of non-academic engagement programmes. GGS encourages children to participate in these activities by integrating art, music, dance and fitness lessons within the timetable. Children have the option to choose from a range of sports and extra-curricular activities.

The prevalence of COVID-19 induced lockdown has further increased the significance of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Children remain within the confines of their homes which can become frustrating, especially so in the urban nuclear families where both parents are working. A child needs to engage in different art forms, music and dance to express themselves, while fitness lessons can help them stay healthy amid the restrictions. While it could be difficult to engage children in academic discourse on digital platforms, they can easily develop a liking for a music session or a dance class. The school tries to engage the students and the parents through physical activity sessions like Yoga and Dance. Children are encouraged to imbibe the learnings in their day-to-day life if parents also participate with them in such activities.

The school is committed to providing the best to its students, and hence it has entered into alliances with reputed institutions across the world. On the academic front, Genesis Global school has collaborated with some of the best academic institutions across the world such as Clifton College- UK, Middlesex University – England, Gredos San Diego (GSD)- Spain, Ermitage International School of France, and Schloss Neubeuern- Germany, to facilitate teacher and students exchange programmes. The school has initiated a strategic partnership with The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) to provide the students with exposure to the best form of music and drama.

Genesis Global School adopted and adapted to the best digital education practices to become adept at rendering education through the online medium. It is providing a holistic programme to its students to ensure their physical, social, intellectual, aesthetic, and cultural development.

The school has infused academics with non-academic engagement activities to ensure an all-encompassing learning experience for students.

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