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Beyond The Classroom

Clubs Foreign Language Club

Foreign Language Club
Foreign Language Club

The Foreign Language Club is a place for language learners to use the medium beyond the classroom and in real life situations. The practice of a language in the classroom is crucial, but it is not enough to master the language. In the Club however, the students get a chance to use different language development skills and discuss a variety of topics.

Students who lack interaction and motivation in the classroom, either because they are introvert, shy or they have a low understanding of the language, this club provides a good solution. It helps to involve them with their friends in doing various activities and to make the weaker students active participants as well.

The positives about creating a Foreign Language Club is giving a chance to students to learn the language through fun. For instance, students are given stories and books to enhance their writing skills. They also watch documentaries, films, listen to songs and engage in discussions with their teacher; they play games and sports to change the atmosphere and practice the language in fun ways. This club paves the way to discover, understand and develop cultural competences. The Club makes them aware of National and International issues and events; so that it can be useful for themselves and for their community, as well as to develop their sense of citizenship and belonging.

In addition, there are other goals for creating these clubs:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Encouraging autonomous learning.
  • Creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation.
  • Cultivating good hobbies and habits.
  • Making new friends.
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