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Beyond The Classroom

Clubs Debate Club

Debate Club
Debate Club

Shakespeare has written “To be or not to be? That is the Question.” Genesis Global School has the goal of channelizing student’s naturally inquisitive and sometimes quite spirited “know-it- all.” into a positive learning assignment.’ Debates offer that natural avenue for teachers to facilitate analytical thinking by tapping the students’ natural talent of arguing and challenging authority.

GGS promotes debates vigorously at all levels, classroom, inter-house, national and international events. The Debating Society works on the acquisition of comprehension skills which is paramount for students to become competent readers and writers, linking debates directly to the entire curriculum. Debates allow students to become more proficient in speaking, researching, reading, and writing skills and they promote reasoning as well as communication skills. In addition, debates, both formal and informal, are a vehicle for students to express their opinions assertively in a respectful manner on a relevant issue or topic.

The Debating club at Genesis has gone from strength to strength. They have made their presence felt at every Inter School debate. They have also done well in Inter School Quizzes. Listed below are some of their achievements-

  • Winners of Inter School Debate at Landmark, Inter School Cultural Extravaganza organized by Genesis Global School.
  • Winners of the J.K. Kate Memorial Debate at Punjab Public School, Nabha.
  • Winners of the First Inter IB Schools Debates and Quiz at the Singapore International School,Mumbai.
  • Winners of the Inter School Debate(Extempore) at the Inter School Symposium at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi
  • Winners of Inter School Debate at Pathways , Aravali.
  • Runner up of The Silver Jublee Debates and Quiz, Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer.
  • Second Runner Up of The Chakurbetty Debates, The Doon School , Dehradun .
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