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Beyond The Classroom

Clubs Animation Club

Animation 2
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Computer Animation:

Images convey a lot of information because our visual system is a sophisticated information processor. Moving images have the potential to convey much more information than static ones. To ‘animate’ is literally ‘to give life to’. ‘Animating’ is moving something which can’t move itself. Animation adds to graphics the dimension of time which vastly increases the amount of information which can be transmitted.


The main objective of this club is to have scholars develop an understanding of fundamental techniques used for computer animation. At the end of the term, scholars are able to identify the advantages & disadvantages of using simulation, procedural animation, motion capture, & hand designed animations, with respect to both online; offline applications. They will also be able to implement animation techniques, using common software languages and tools. Finally, in addition to an understanding of current practices in the computer animation industry, a general objective is for students to better recognize current challenges in the process.

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