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Silicon Valley Code of Honour

Upon being selected for the Silicon Valley Code of Honour by their senior curriculum mentors Congratulating, Grade 8 (MYP-3), Genesian Mahatwa Kumar for being certified as an official WhiteHat Jr Code of Honor recipient.

Nuturing his interest in coding at WhiteHat Jr coding classes, Mahatwa demonstrated excellent implementation of concepts in his BliCal Application. Uniqueness of the idea, Core Functionality, User Interface and World Impact were the highlights of his submission, along with originality and bold creative expression.

Special mention, that out of the 7000+ entries, received Mahatwa Kumar made it to the final round of selection, despite having completed only 49 classes whereas all the 10 shortlisted applicants for the mentorship round have covered a minimum of 80+ classes.

Going forward Mahatwa gets the opportunity to refine and submit his idea for the next round of Silicon Valley selections for Nov’ 2020.


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