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Admissions- Senior School (Grade 9 - Grade 12)


The admission procedure for every academic year commences in the final week of September of the preceding year.

Pre-admission Procedures

1. The applicant can purchase the Prospectus from the School’s website or from the Accounts Department of the school from Monday–Saturday, between 9:00am to 4:00pm. In case you wish to meet the Admission Counsellor, you may visit the school between 9:00am to 1:00pm.

2. A pre-arranged appointment needs to be taken for a Campus visit.

3. Should the applicant wish to proceed with the admission, the process to be followed is

The applicant would be required to submit the Admission Form to the Admission’s Department with the set of documents mentioned in point no.4. Parents’ will be then called along with the student, for a written test in English, Science and Maths. On the same day the Principal of the school will also be meeting the parent and the student. In case the student is applying for the international curriculum, the Head- International Curriculum will also be meeting the parent and the student.
Note:- All orientations, interactions and written tests will be conducted on weekdays only.

4. Documents to be submitted with the Application form:-

  • Facility Opted For form
  • Medical Form
  • Transport Form
  • Subjects Opted For (Applicable for students applying for Grade 9 (IGCSE) and above.)
  • Original plus one copy of the students Birth Certificate (The original will be returned immediately after verification)
  • Copy of the previous Report Cards for three years.
  • Personal Statement explaining why the applicant wants to join IB DP, if applying for the same
  • Letter of recommendation from two teachers of the previous school, if applying for IB DP

5. Results are declared within 48 hours and communicated over the phone/email.

Post-admission Procedures

  • Once Admission is granted you may proceed to deposit the Fees and submit the following documents-
  • Photocopy of Passport if available. This is mandatory for overseas students
  • Guardian Information Form For Scholars in Residence and all Foreign Students
  • Escort Card/ID Card Form
  • Swimming Consent Form
  • Transfer Certificate from the last School attended. Overseas students may submit a recommendation letter
  • School uniform and books can be bought from the uniform store and the book store in the School. The requisite lists are available in the stores.
  • An Orientation session will be held on the 1st day of the new session for Parents and Students.
  • New Scholars will be allotted the section on the day of joining. The time table for your ward will be handed over by the Class Mentor on the same day.
  • Kindly inform the School of the applicant’s joining date if the same is not as per the School Calendar, via Email to the Admissions Office.

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For any detail not covered in this document please call :
Ms. Deepika Gupta
Assistant Manager–Admissions
+91 8860632703


All documents need to be duly completed, signed and filled in block letters, before submission. Any incomplete documents may lead to delay in the Admission procedure and increase the risk of not gaining a seat. Additionally, once all the details are organised, please deliver them in an L-Shaped transparent folder to the Admissions Office.


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