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Student Counselling
Student Counselling

The counselling services at Genesis Global School are aimed at encouraging students’ academic, social, emotional and personal development with a deep focus and commitment towards helping students find effective coping strategies to deal with any issues in their day to day lives.

Services are provided individually as well thru group counselling sessions through which our counsellors build up a rapport with the students and then gradually help them to resolve any academic issues, emotional conflicts, personal and interpersonal problems. The students are also given guidance on effective study techniques, how to set achievable goals and direct their efforts towards meeting them, and how to deal with difficult and stressful situations that they might be facing.
Classroom guidance activities and life skills lessons for students are done on a regular basis, to address any behavioural concerns and help students to cope with issues like bullying and peer pressure, enabling them to adjust better by providing the required support and motivation at all times. This is accomplished through classroom presentations and lessons to develop self-awareness, communication skills, decision making, anger management and time management skills.
A primary aim of our counselling services is to help students learn to relate well with their peers and develop effective personal and social skills. We help them in building up their confidence levels to aid their overall personality development and well-being. We also focus heavily on developing the character of the students by instilling good values which prepare them to face the challenges that may lie ahead.

Special Mention Student driven project,  is the result of months of hard work by Grade 11 students Ishika Agrawal and Vaidahi Sharma, to provide anonymous assistance to numerous adolescents as they go through a plethora of problems during this redefining period of their lives. They have created a platform where teenagers can get FREE professional guidance from a highly skilled and specialised panel of counsellors, or by joining a support group where trained volunteers and people facing similar issues are all ears!

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Student Counselling
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