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Our School follows certain rules and procedures for the smooth day to day running of school matters and to make sure that scholars continue to  receive quality education.

Policies are important because they help our school establish rules, regulations, protocols and procedures. They create standards of quality in learning, safety as well as expectations and accountability.

To summarise, good, well thought out and implemented policies and procedures ensure:

  • good practices.
  • rules and regulations for acceptable behaviour.
  • a professional and effective environment.
  • consistency amongst staff and students.
  • that they can prevent any ambiguity about how particular situations/issues should be handled, leading to all round fairness.
  • efficient and effective delivery of the teaching/learning process.
  • a safe learning environment.

Enclosed are the student policies followed at Genesis Global School.

Download GGS Policies

Language Policy

Academic Honesty Policy

Assessment Policy

Inclusion Policy

Admission Policy

Teaching and Learning

Discipline Policy

Internet Usage Policy

Internship Policy

Student Leaders Selection Policy

Activity Programme Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Sexual Harassement Policy-POSH

Scholars in Residence Policy

Co-Curricular Policy

Infirmary & First Aid Policy

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